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Library Socialism is connected to several strains in radical thought, like usufruct — the idea that property could be held in common, but that individuals could assume control over them as needed and enjoy both their use and the use of the fruits of the property, but on condition that they not destroy the property and that they return it when they’re done with it.

Also connected is “the irreducible minimum”: the commitment by a society to ensure that every person who lives in it must have the basics for happy, fulfilled life, regardless of their status.

Finally, there is “complementarity,” the idea that the world can be improved by combining the things we find in it — just as different metals can make alloys that are stronger than the sum of their parts, the right combinations of our selves and our work can be more than any one of us can accomplish on our own.

With this in mind, let me explain the project of :

  • Share curated books about our world and how to change it from an anarchist perspective.
  • Make these books searchable and organize them in categories.
  • My goal with this simple website is not to try and replace all the great online anarchist libraries that already exist (like or but to make a visual presentation of the books I find most valuable for today’s anarchists & social ecologists.
  • Disclaimer : It doesn’t mean I personally endorse 100% of the content of the books. If you think one of them is highly problematic, please reach out to me.
  • Please keep in mind I only have basic website-making skills and you might encounter some bugs.
  • To get a copy of any of the books presented here, post a comment on the book’s or author’s page with a valid email adress (it won’t be published) and I’ll send you a pdf for free.
  • I hope you’ll enjoy what you can find here and request as many books as you want – and even share them yourself with your friends and comrades !
  • You can also contact me if you need a research assistant for political projects

P.S. : I really want to share all these books for free but if you really like any of these works, please consider buying them, especially if the author is struggling financially and/or from marginalized communities !

Anarchy, social ecology and anti-fascism

My main areas of interest are anarchism, social ecology and antifascism.

I spend most of my time exploring the history of these movements, their geographical spread and current developments. I also try my best to cover authors from marginalized communities and not only rich white men.

  • Anarchism is a social movement which aims to abolish capitalism, the state, patriarchy, racism and all other systems of oppression through direct action and establish anarchy: a society in which everyone is free, equal and bonded together through relations of solidarity.
  • Social ecology is a social theory that views the world in terms of first nature (the natural world) and second nature (the human-crafted world), premissing the study of both nature and society on the idea that ecological problems are rooted in problems created by social hierarchy.
  • Anti-fascism is opposition to fascist ideologies, groups and individuals. The anti-fascist movement began in a few European countries in the 1920s, and eventually spread to other countries around the world.

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