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In the Name of Women’s Rights (2017)



Sara R. Farris


“The success of the far right in the 2014 elections for the European Parliament attracted a great deal of international attention. Across the continent, nationalist right-wing parties either won an unprecedented number of seats or consolidated their significant popular support.

These electoral achievements, coupled with the harshness of the anti-Islam slogans that characterized the parties’ campaigns, triggered fears of a return of fascism. Yet one of the striking features that distinguishes contemporary European nationalist parties from their older counterparts is the invocation of gender equality (and occasionally lgbt rights) within an otherwise xenophobic rhetoric.

Indeed, despite their lack of concern with elaborating concrete policies of gender equality and their masculinist political style, these parties have increasingly advanced their anti-Islam agendas in the name of women’s rights.

From Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, to Marine Le Pen in France and Matteo Salvini in Italy — the key animators of the “brown international” upon which this book focuses — one of the central tropes mobilized by these right-wing nationalists is the profound danger that Muslim males constitute for western European societies, due, above all, to their oppressive treatment of women.”


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