Kinds of theory

Books sorted by kinds of theory

Taxonomy adapted from anarchopac‘s social anarchist theory taxonomy.

Definitions and examples adapted from
SolarpunkAnarchist‘s posts.

Values theory

Theory relating to the ethical and political principles which underpin thought and practice.

For ex. : Peter Kropotkin – Anarchist Morality

Analytic theory

Theory relating to how authors conceive of and interpret the world, history, society, technology, and aesthetics.

For ex. : Jesse Cohn – Anarchism and the Crisis of Representation, Alan Carter – A Radical Green Political Theory

Futures theory

Theory relating to what the future society desired by authors ought to look like and how it should operate in practice.

For ex. : Diego Abad de Santillán – After the Revolution, Gaston Leval – Libertarian Socialism

Strategic theory

Theory relating to how authors think we should work towards our political project, deciding the best means to use for achieving our desired ends.

For ex. : Rudolf Rocker – Anarcho-Syndicalism, Social Anarchism and Organisation – FARJ